The urban team at the Centre for Policy Research carried out intensive field work over two weeks, where the researchers interviewed workers across categories of informal work in Delhi, such as construction workers, sabjiwalas, dhaba workers, small shopkeepers, industrial contract workers etc., to understand how they have coped with the impact of demonetisation or ‘notebandi’, as it is commonly called. 

In the seventh episode (above) of CPR’s podcast, ThoughtSpace, Richa Bansal talks to Senior Researchers Mukta Naik and Ashwin Parulkar and Research Associates Eesha Kunduri and Manish to unpack their findings on informal workers' strategies of coping with ‘notebandi'.

Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 15:45
A conversation between researchers Mukta Naik, Ashwin Parulkar, Eesha Kunduri, Manish and Richa Bansal
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