Cauvery Dispute: A Lament and a Proposal

Cauvery Dispute: A Lament and a Proposal

Economic & Political Weekly, 30 March 2013

The Cauvery dispute has been adjudicated but remains unresolved. The reason is that there has been an all-round failure: confrontationist state governments, an ineffective central government, a somnolent Inter-State Council, a creaking adjudication machinery, a Supreme Court that has not been supportive of the Tribunal, the silence of the intellectuals, and alas, the failure of the "Cauvery Family". The Award now notifi ed has to be operated, but that will not happen unless Karnataka's strong sense of injustice is assuaged to some extent. This article proposes a voluntary transfer of some part of its allocation by Tamil Nadu to Karnataka. Such an action on Tamil Nadu's part will transform the situation.

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