Call for Fellows: Writing Urban India

29 December 2020
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Deadline extended to Sunday, 17 January, 11:59 PM

In response to requests, the deadline for submitting applications has been extended as above. Those who have already submitted and wish to re-submit their applications are free to do so - please write "re-submission" in the subject and the email if this is the case. No further extensions are planned.
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Writing Urban India (WUI) is an initiative supported by the Urban Studies Foundation that seeks to promote and advance writing and research publications on urbanisation in the Indian context. India’s ongoing development transformation has rich potential to generate valuable research insights for urban studies, but writing in this area has only touched the tip of the iceberg. This fellowship seeks to identify, enable, and facilitate early-stage researchers who are involved in the study of the urban in India to develop their own writing across issues and refine it to a stage where it could be published.

Who can apply?

WUI seeks to reach out to a diverse group of students / early-stage researchers / practitioners in urban studies in India. Specifically, those who can apply are:

a. Urban practitioners 

b. Students enrolled in post-graduate programmes

c.  M.Phil. / Ph.D. researchers 

d.   Independent researchers who are not part of an academic programme, but have a body of work on urban issues can also apply.

All details for the fellowship are available here.

Update: Applications for the fellowship were closed on 17 January, 2021. We received around 300 applications. Thank you for the encouraging response - it is heartening to see the amount of interest in writing and urbanisation in India! In light of the volume of applications received, the selection process took longer than anticipated - and the date of commencement of the fellowship is hence postponed to March 1, 2021.

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