Closing the Enforcement Gap: Groundtruthing of Environmental Violations in Bodai-Daldali, Chhattisgarh

29 March 2019

Janabhivyakti, the Centre for Policy Research-Namati Environmental Justice Program and Oxfam India have jointly conducted a groundtruthing study of environmental violations in the Bodai-Daldali bauxite mine located in the Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh. A groundtruthing study is the process of comparing the facts as mentioned in official documents with the impacts being reported by affected communities.

The methodology included undertaking group discussions with the affected communities. During the group discussions, impacts which the communities were facing were discussed first. This was followed by brief discussions on the various laws and institutions which are available for dealing with impacts arising out of environmental violations.

Based on that, the major observations of this study were:

  • Prevalence of dust pollution due to transportation of uncovered trucks, blasting and drilling.
  • Poor status of land reclamation and afforestation of reclaimed land.
  • Non-compliance with health and safety of the workers engaged in mining operations.
  • Incomplete and inadequate process of Rehabilitation and Resettlement.

These were also confirmed by government reports and independent research studies. These reports and studies date back to the year 2007, and some of the impacts have been in existence since the beginning of the mining operations, and have been recorded in the aforementioned reports. 

The full groundtruthing report can be accessed here.

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.