Closing the Enforcement Gap: A Practice Guide for Environment Justice Paralegals

Watch the full video (above) of the webinar on ‘Closing the Enforcement Gap: A Practice Guide for Environment Justice Paralegals’ moderated by Manju Menon from CPR.

The webinar is a guide to the lessons from four years of work done by paralegals in India to assist affected communities to seek legal and administrative remedies in over 150 cases of non-compliance, as well as learnings from colleagues working on these issues in Africa and Asia. The guide includes vivid case stories and pictures of paralegals in action. The full guide can be accessed here.

The webinar discusses the Practice Guide for Environmental Justice Paralegals and elaborates on how paralegals and communities can use the law to address environmental harms.

Click here to access the note on the methodology and here for the same note in Hindi.

Find the translation of the paralegal practice guide in HindiGujarati, Odiya, KannadaIndonesian Bahasa, and French

Monday, March 5, 2018
Full video of the webinar
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