CPR Dialogues 2020- Rights in Times of AI: Emerging Technologies and the Public Law Framework

11 March 2020

Watch the full video (above) of the panel discussion on ‘Rights in Times of AI: Emerging Technologies and the Public Law Framework’ featuring Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament, India); Madhav Khosla (Associate Professor of Political Science, Ashoka University; Ambedkar Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Columbia University; & Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows); Smriti Parsheera (Fellow, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy) and moderated by Ananth Padmanabhan (Visiting Fellow, CPR).

In the many decades since independence, courts and lawmakers have not had much of an opportunity to evaluate the impact of technology on constitutional values. However, in the past few years, new technological advancements such as biometric identification, facial recognition and other mass surveillance systems, have brought to the fore a new set of challenges that Indian democracy has not dealt with before. While courts have largely weighed in on the side of acknowledging freedoms such as privacy and free speech in the online context, the limitations and exceptions on these freedoms are far from clear. This panel explored the interaction between emerging technologies and existing public law frameworks, the need for novel approaches to address new kinds of harm, and the scope of independent governance in these emerging areas of technology.

The panel was organised as part of the second edition of CPR Dialogues, held on 2nd and 3rd March 2020 at the India Habitat Centre. Addressing the theme of Policy Perspectives for 21st-century India, CPR Dialogues 2020 provided a window to the India of the future. Experts from around the country and the world engaged with and debated these very significant development and policy challenges that India faces in the coming decade.

ThePrint India was the digital partner for the event.

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