Democratisation through Participatory Action Planning in Yangon, Myanmar

27 June 2017
Full video of talk

Watch the full video (above) of the talk by Banashree Banerjee, where she describes the rapid changes that have taken place in Myanmar over the last eight years.

In the talk, Banerjee discusses how the switch to democratic governance, shift to a market economy, and internal regional harmony - in quick succession - led to sharp growth of the overall economy as well as the cities of Myanmar, particularly Yangon.

Banerjee is an independent urban planner and an associate staff member of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam.

The Q&A session that followed can be accessed here.

Read related articles by Banashree Banerjee (and co-author Maartje van Eerd) on building local planning capacity as well as empowering migrant communities to secure housing in Yangon.

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