Field Notes from Upper Assam and Barak Valley

19 April 2016
CPR researchers analyse the Assam elections

Based on days of field work, CPR researchers Neelanjan Sircar, Bhanu Joshi and Ashish Ranjan share field notes from the regions of Upper Assam and Barak valley, as the state awaits election results, to be announced after a month.

The battle lines are drawn between the BJP and the Congress. And the key question is: 'Do voters take a chance on a party (BJP) that is promising greener pastures but has the potential to set fire to a social tinderbox, or do voters stick with the safety of a party (Congress) they know inside and out after 15 years of rule?'

There are no easy answers. Particularly so, because Assam is an immensely complicated state comprising regions with vastly different histories and cultures, juxtaposed with what appears to be a unifying desire for growth and development among a number of voters.

This in-depth field analysis unpacks the multiple narratives. Read the full paper here.

Sircar, Joshi and Ranjan will be sharing their next piece on the Lower Assam region.


The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.