India’s recent stance towards Pakistan

23 August 2016
CPR faculty analyse

Post Burhan Wani’s death, protests in Kashmir, Pakistan’s comments on Wani and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh’s recent visit to Pakistan, and in the wake of PM Modi’s upcoming visit in November, CPR faculty comment on India’s stance towards Pakistan.

  • Following Rajnath Singh’s visit to Pakistan, G Parthasarathy analyses where India stands with respect to Pakistan, writing that the neighbouring country’s internal turmoil dictates its foreign policy imperatives, and that it is likely to continue its anti-India tirade.
  • In Playing the Baloch Card, Pratap Bhanu Mehta analyses PM Modi’s remark on Balochistan in the Independence Day speech–what it signals and whether it will make a difference.
  • In a discussion on NDTV (above), G Parthasarathy comments on PM Modi’s reference to Balochistan, stating that it marked a change in India’s historical approach and was likely to impact the current situation with international repercussions.
  • G Parthasarathy again emphasises that India is right in flagging Balochistan, explaining that Balochistan is strategically important for China and thus India can no longer afford to ignore it.

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.