India’s Surgical Strikes

5 October 2016
CPR faculty analyse

Post the surgical strikes by India on the Line of Control, compiled below is the commentary by CPR faculty.

  • In the Die is Cast, Pratap Bhanu Mehta analyses the strikes and what these mean for the future of India-Pakistan relations.
  • In The Times of India, G Parthasarathy writes that the strikes have sent an important signal to Pakistan, and that India knows its nuclear threshold, well aware that ‘while Pakistan’s army may be adventurist, it is not suicidal’.
  • In the Hindustan Times, Brahma Chellaney writes that even though the strikes mark an end to years of Indian indecision and inaction, a one-off attack ‘can do little to help reform the Pakistani military’s conduct’, and the critical question remains whether India ‘will be willing to stage more raids’.
  • In An Indo-Pak Cold War, Sanjaya Baru writes that the strikes were ‘waiting to happen for many years now’, and the challenge going forward, for both countries, would be to ‘manage a long period of bilateral disengagement’.
  • In A face-saving move or planned retaliation, Bharat Karnad writes ‘there was nothing particularly novel or new about the’ surgical strikes, and that the time lapse between the Uri attack and the strikes suggests that it was a ‘face-saver’. However, in another article, he comments that being belated, the strikes have ‘changed the rules of the game that Pakistan was playing by’. 

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.