Launch of the India Homeless Resource Network

22 April 2016
Increasing public consciousness and informing public policy

The India Homeless Resource Network (IHRN) was launched on 20 April in the presence of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, Leilani Farha
The IHRN website, which will curate research and learning on the issue, can be accessed here.

Five organisations have come together to form this knowledge hub with a view to informing policy makers, social workers, and the wider public, to increase the level of attention homelessness receives in urban policy.

Listen to the audio (above) to learn more about the issue and the need for IHRN.

IHRN combines unique strengths from each of the organisations working on a range of issues, such as health, livelihood, gender, and legal reforms, faced by people on the streets and shelters of India’s cities. To learn more, tune in to the audios describing the different organisations’ work, and visit their websites, listed below:


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