Planning and Participation: Land use planning politics in Bangalore

4 January 2017
Full Video of the Workshop

Watch the full video of the workshop (above), where Jayaraj Sundaresan examines the relationship between the epistemological categories of planning and participation based on his experience of land use planning politics in Bangalore.

Through the workshop, Sundaresan attempts to answer key questions surrounding participation in the planning process, such as: Does participation happen only during the making of key decisions that underlie ‘the plan’ or also in devising appropriate planning instruments? Should it also happen during the implementation and enforcement process? Should participants have a say in every planning application in their neighbourhood and beyond, including in devising the planning system and its governance?

The two-part question and answer session that followed can be accessed here: Part 1, Part 2

More details about the talk can be accessed at the dedicated event listing here.

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