Collaboration for Research on Democracy

The Collaboration for Research on Democracy (CORD) is a global research network made up of researchers and practitioners working in universities, think tanks, research institutes and NGOs predominantly in the Global South.

CORD aims to provide a collaborative platform for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to build a policy-relevant research agenda on the new challenges of building pro-poor and citizen-centric development. CORD’s activities are conducted in larger, multi-country research projects which bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse contexts. CORD’s multi-country and interdisciplinary projects aim to go beyond sharing best practices to developing a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in building successful pro-poor social arrangements and effective citizen mobilization. Through diverse practices of participatory collaboration we aim to achieve:

  • the setting of new global, collaborative research agendas on the challenges of citizen-focused development

  • the establishment of comparative, inter-disciplinary global research programs and projects

  • the generation of new knowledges across diverse contexts in the global South

  • the fostering of dynamic engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers