Economic Reforms and Regional Disparities in Economic and Social Development in India

The project delved into the nature and causes of change in inter-state disparities in the levels of economic and social development in India in the light of the prevalent views in this regard, with attention particularly focused on a comparison between India’s regional experience in the pre and post reform periods. Split into five chapters, it analysed the manner in which inter-state disparities in economic development, as indicated by per capita net state domestic product (NSDP), have changed over time in India. A similar exercise of other indicators of levels of living like consumer expenditure, percentage of people below poverty line and Human Development Index (HDI) was also carried out. The project aimed to explain not only inter-state disparities in HDI and in per capita NSDP but also such disparities in per capita value added in manufacturing, disaggregating the sector even further into registered and unregistered manufacturing.


Dr K R G Nair was the Project Director of this project.