Electricity Governance Indicator Toolkit Application – Pilot Phase, India Country Study

Dr Sudha Mahalingam, who was a Senior Research Fellow at CPR worked on this project.  

CPR hosted the Electricity Governance project funded jointly by World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington DC and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The initiative was undertaken simultaneously in four Asian countries and CPR hosted the India assessment. The project involved applying an Electricity Governance Indicator Toolkit jointly developed by three institutions, namely, WRI, the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi and Prayas, Pune. The toolkit, which asked a number of relevant and pertinent questions related to the state of governance in the power sector, was applied to policy-making at the Centre, to independent regulation at the state-level and to environmental and social factors at both the central and state levels. The state-level assessments were carried out by civil society organisations active in the power sector in three select states. The project report, which presents a scorecard on the state of governance in India’s power sector, was formally released at a function held at CPR on 3 March 2006 by Aruna Roy, Magsaysay Award winning crusader for good governance in India. The India assessment report was also presented at the Electricity Governance Workshop held at Bangkok in March 2006 for all the four Asian participants.