Mapping Urban Healthcare in India

Mapping Urban Healthcare is the first project in a series examining the urban healthcare space in India. Urban vulnerable groups often pushed to the fringe of society, face the greatest challenges to both their health and in access to health services. Government of India, as part of its commitment to providing Universal Health Coverage to all its citizens, launched the National Urban Health Mission in 2013. In doing so, it sought to redefine its existing role as a stakeholder in the field, choosing to expand its role as a provider of primary level services while seeking to reinvent itself as a ‘facilitator’ for more specialized ones. Several other actors, already present in different aspects of urban healthcare, also play significant roles in this field. This project seeks to map all stakeholders whose role is critical to India’s urban healthcare landscape, delineate the scope of their work and the challenges posed to them during their efforts. In doing so, it hopes to generate discussion on the experiences and incentives of stakeholders, spur dialogue on possible coordinated action for more effective health services and contribute to the urban health mission through development of systematized platforms for finding solutions to the urban health conundrum.