Policy Labs on Urban Poor Communities & Covid-19 - New Urban WASH Priorities for South Asian Governments

The four developmental organisations - Centre for Policy Research, WaterAid, Lumanti Support Group for Shelter, Nepal, and UNICEF, have come together to organise a series of  Policy Labs, Urban Poor Communities and Covid-19: New Urban WASH Priorities for South Asian Governments. The Policy Labs bring together researchers and practitioners from the global WASH community to deliberate on the following topics:

  • Response of Local Governments on New WASH Priorities in South Asia showcases effective local government responses to tackling Covid-19 among urban poor communities in South Asia and other countries of the Global South.
  • Inclusive Policies and Practice for Improved Urban Resilience discusses the role of water and sanitation in enhancing the urban resilience of cities and the urban poor communities.
  • Community Approaches to Managing WASH Services shines a light on examples of communities coming together to manage WASH infrastructure and services successfully.
  • Financing WASH for Urban Poor Communities engages with multi- and bi-lateral organisations in South Asia mainstream WASH for Urban Poor Communities within their investments and financing decision-making.

Each Policy Lab features case studies that offer insights into innovative and successful approaches for improving WASH for Urban Poor Communities, and in turn, City-wide Resilience from South Asia, as well as, regions like Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.