Public Accountability and Governance in Education

The Public Accountability and Governance in Education (PAGE) initiative seeks to broaden the discourse on public education by bringing together empirical research and field interventions in the area of education governance. It is aimed at informing the academic and policy space on issues that affect the delivery of elementary education and the Right to Education in particular. Through this project an attempt is also made to bridge the gap between field realities and policy formulation. We thus work closely with a range of civil society groups on the ground as well as state structures at all levels of government.

The work of PAGE includes a) developing systems of transparency, accountability and community monitoring in education; b) conducting empirical research that can inform policy on systems of delivery; c) creating systems of local data collection and linking with the official data-base; and d) bringing together academics, practitioners and policy makers on a common platform to engage in a series of dialogues and deliberations on emerging issues in education policy.

Our current research includes i) a 5 state-study on Monitoring Government Schools; ii) an in-depth study on estimating out-of-school children in a single Panchayat, and iii) a documentation of community monitoring of schools.