The SARCist

Recent international interest in South Asia regional cooperation has borne witness to a number of research, advocacy and track two initiatives being undertaken by a large number of organizations in the SAARC region. The broader objectives and goals of these initiatives are to facilitate the progress of regional cooperation in South Asia, particularly to promote intra-regional trade.

In response to this renewed interest in the development of South Asia as a regional economic entity; The SARCist is an initiative towards building a virtual knowledge platform for purposes of policy advocacy on issues of regional cooperation with particular emphasis on trade and investment flows. South Asia has a rich heritage of think tanks working on various policy issues pertaining to regional cooperation. The SARCist endeavours to bring together the excellent work being done by many of these think tanks in South Asia as well as think tanks outside South Asia which are working on South Asian cooperation. It also intends to bring together lesser known, yet immensely strategic institutions in border states working on cross-border trade issues.