Indian Agriculture - A Policy Prospective

Indian Agriculture - A Policy Prospective

By B M Bhatia

The strides made by India in agriculture since Independence are undoubtedly impressive. To be self-sufficient in foodgrains over a short period of about thirty years  is no mean  achievement.  How- ever, India's population growth will not stabilise for quite some time. Further the need for both growth in production and employment in the agricultural sector will be unabated.

What should be our policy perspective on Indian agriculture? This is explored in the book by one of the country's leading agricultural economists. Dr. Bhatia has prescribed a blend of policy shifts and high technology options to move towards agriculture in the twenty-first century.  Dr. Bhatia's policy recommendations deserve serious consideration by policy-makers, academicians in this sector  and lay citizens interested  in the future  development  of agriculture.

Dr B M Bhatia was Head of the Economics Department of the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani. He worked on the United Nations committees and wrote almost 20 books and hundreds of articles on the agrarian situation in India

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