Securing India's Future in the New Millennium

Securing India's Future in the New Millennium

Edited by Brahma Chellaney
Orient Longman

This book edited by one of India's leading strategic experts is designed to initiate a wider public debate on the diverse instruments of national security and help develop a strategic culture and an institutionalized, integrated approach to national security. Chapters have been contributed by seven advisors to the National Security Council -- K. Subrahmanyam, Maharajkrishna Rasgotra, J N Dixit, Jasjit Singh, Ved Marwah, General S F Rodrigues and Brahma Chellaney -- besides other experts such as L P Singh, A K Verma, P V Indiresan, Frederic Grare, J Mohan Malik, Vice Admiral K K Nayyar, Aabha Shankar, Pran Chopra, Uday Bhaskar and Admiral Suren P Govil. This volume is the first comprehensive study of the different facets of India's national security which looks ahead at the challenges of the coming years. It examines India's national-security requirements in a broad, multidisciplinary manner, focusing on how the country can achieve true strategic autonomy and comprehensive security. The book covers the whole gamut of defence-related issues, including classical military Instruments -- land, air and maritime forces -- as well as new emerging instruments. It studies proxy and covert war, including subversion, terrorism and the Kargil land grab. It also examines larger issues, such as energy security, the role of science and technology, instruments of diplomacy, intelligence assets, India's relationships with major countries and regions, and geostrategic developments, with a view to making policy-relevant recommendations.

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