The Verities of Afghanistan and India's Options

The Verities of Afghanistan and India's Options

in American Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Edited by P.M. Kamath
Indian Council of World Affairs & VPM Centre for International Studies

India's policy in an Afghanistan bereft of a large US military presence may revert to the options of the past, with the Tajik-dominated Northern Alliance faction as its main prop. The current regime of President Abdul Ghani has worked so far because the Tajiks have been ceded control of  the Afghan National Forces, and the country's police and intelligence agencies. This has helped India protect its interests in Kabul. Delhi's approach to cultivate good relations with various Taliban factions too has helped, even as it  has weakened the Quetta Shura and elements of the 'Haqqani Network' and Pakistan's control over them. Combined with India's funding and constructing infrastructure in that country, such as the Delaram-Zaranj Highway, the traditional Afghan people's goodwill for India has increased consolidating, in the process,India's standing as a good friend of Afghanistan.

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