Country Report – US: Regulating Wastewater and Urban Sanitation

Country Report – US: Regulating Wastewater and Urban Sanitation

30 March 2019

In this report, the authors have aimed at presenting a comprehensive account of water regulation in the United States, with a focus on urban sanitation. For this purpose, the authors have examined various aspects that form the larger picture: constitutional and theoretical approaches to water in the United States, its’ past experience with legislations and the approaches at play presently. Part I of the Report examines the history of water regulation in US, through the United States Constitution and early legislations. Part II describes the current legal and regulatory framework. This framework is elaborate, as one can observe from the lofty goals of the statues, division of powers and responsibilities amongst federal, state and local agencies, larger administrative structure in force, and financing models. Part III focuses on the challenges the US has faced with respect to enforcement of its programs and regulations.

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