PAISA: An Analysis of Social Sector Spending in Chhattisgarh

PAISA: An Analysis of Social Sector Spending in Chhattisgarh

By Accountability Initiative
28 March 2017

This study delves deep into the implementation of four important Government of India (GoI) social sector schemes in Chhattisgarh to evaluate the nature and effectiveness of public service delivery of school education and nutrition in the State. It seeks to answer the fundamental question of whether development funds reach Chhattisgarh’s poor children, and in order to do so, it looks at multiple aspects of the public service delivery system: the efficiency with which government schemes on school education and child nutrition run in the State; whether the facilites are equipped to provide these services; what are the systems and processes in place and do they work, and finally - where are the bottlenecks and the most pressing issues and what steps can be taken to resolve those. This study does not delve into the effectiveness and outcomes of government policies but examines governance systems to see whether the processes and systems put in place by the State are capable of delivering government programmes.

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