India and Climate Change: Evolving Ideas and Increasing Policy Engagement

By Navroz K Dubash, Radhika Khosla, Ulka Kelkar, and Sharachchandra Lele
Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 1 October 2018

India is a significant player in climate policy and politics. It has been vocal in international climate negotiations, but its role in these negotiations has changed over time. In an interactive relationship between domestic policy and international positions, India has increasingly become a testing ground for policies that internalize climate considerations into development. This article critically reviews the arc of climate policy and politics in India over time. It begins by examining changes in knowledge and ideas around climate change in India, particularly in the areas of ethics, climate impacts, India's energy transition, linkages with sustainability, and sequestration. The next section examines changes in politics, policy, and governance at both international and national scales. The article argues that shifts in ideas and knowledge of impacts, costs, and benefits of climate action and shifts in the global context are reflected and refracted through discourses in India's domestic and international policies.

Suggested Citation:

Dubash, Navroz K., Radhika Khosla, Ulka Kelkar, Sharachchandra Lele. 2018. "India and Climate Change: Evolving Ideas and Increasing Policy Engagement." Annual Review of Environment and Resources (43): 395-424.