CPR – A Safe Space

CPR - A Safe Space

It is our endeavour at CPR to provide a work environment that ensures every employee is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment, to promote a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth, encourages equality of opportunity, and ensures that its employees are not subjected to any form of harassment. For this purpose, CPR has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment for members of the CPR community, as well as all visitors to the CPR premises.

Sexual harassment is conduct that may be reasonably perceived by the victim as sexually unwelcome, and includes any one or more of the following acts or behaviour (whether directly or by implication):

  1. Unwelcome sexual advances;
  2. Unwelcome acts of physical intimacy;
  3. Requests for sexual favours;
  4. Making sexually coloured remarks;
  5. Showing pornography;
  6. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature, including:
  • Implied or overt promise of preferential treatment in employment; or
  • Implied or overt threat of detrimental treatment in employment; or
  • Implied or overt threat about present or future employment status; or
  • Conduct of any person which interferes with work; or
  • Creating an intimidating or offensive or hostile work environment; or
  • Humiliating conduct constituting health and safety problems.

Sexual harassment may be committed by any oral, written, or physical means, and through any physical or virtual media, including (but not limited to) the following: comments, remarks, jokes, letters, drawings, figures, doodles or cartoons, phone calls, emails, chats on any electronic medium, gestures, lurid stares, physical contact, stalking, sounds or display of a derogatory nature

CPR recognises that sexual harassment may be experienced by any individual, irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Inebriation is not a defence for engaging in any conduct that amounts to sexual harassment.

CPR has a clear policy for dealing with any reported instances of sexual harassment, including internal disciplinary measures as well as initiating appropriate civil and criminal legal action. CPR has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee or ICC under section 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition And Redressal) Act, 2013. See the list of ICC members below.

In case you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment at CPR, please contact any member of the Internal Complaints Committee. Alternatively, you can email your complaint to icc@cprindia.org. We will help you out and guide you through the necessary procedures including counselling, and explain the informal and formal means available for resolving the matter. Remember that you are entitled to your dignity as an individual and sexual harassment is a violation of your dignity and bodily integrity. All proceedings are carried out with the strictest confidentiality and with a view to enabling you to feel safe and secure.

We hope you have a safe stay at CPR, and encourage you to respect other individuals’ space, privacy and dignity.