Zorawar Daulet Singh | Fellow


Zorawar Daulet Singh is an author and foreign affairs analyst. He is a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research. He is also an Adjunct Fellow with the Institute of Chinese Studies and a Visiting Fellow at the Forum for Strategic Initiative. Zorawar’s research interests include India’s foreign policy, various dimensions of India China relations, Eurasian geopolitics, and, international political economy. His recent books include India China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond and Chasing the Dragon: Will India Catch up with China?

Zorawar is also a doctoral researcher at the India Institute, King’s College London, where he is concluding a historical study on Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s regional policies. Previously he was a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Alternatives in New Delhi. He holds a Master’s degree in international relations from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University and received his undergraduate degree from the University of London where he majored in economics and finance.