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Energizing India-Japan Cooperation on Clean Energy and Climate Change

Poised for Partnership: Deepening India–Japan Relations in the Asian Century Oxford University Press SHYAM SARAN and RADHIKA KHOSLA 2016

India and Japan enjoy a geopolitical and economic relationship that is gathering momentum. We argue that cooperation on clean energy provides a natural conduit to enhance existing cooperation and to meet the shared energy challenges of growth and security, and in the process address climate change. India’s energy demands and imports are increasing and Japan, post-Fukushima, is heavily reliant on imported energy. Both countries are also acutely vulnerable to climate change impacts and recognize that their long-term energy strategy necessitates a shift towards actions that limit their greenhouse gas emissions. While the bilateral relationship reflects this perspective, it has not acquired scale. A considered shift is needed to look beyond and address constraints in the current engagement. This chapter analyses India and Japan’s bilateral cooperation and suggests a focus on energy efficiency, solar energy, and clean coal technologies, including their respective implementation frameworks, to enhance mutual benefits.

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