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Assembling Private Sector Participation for a Safe and Sustainable Urban Sanitation Future-Discussions from the Dialogue

The Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI)

Centre for Policy Research, Paras Energy Group, Energy Research Centre

March 14, 2019

Centre for Policy Research organized the ‘Dialogues on Private Sector Participation in Sanitation’ on March 14th, 2019, bringing in private-sector practitioners and infrastructure experts, sanitation sector professionals and policymakers to share their insights and experience. The objective of the Dialogue was to build knowledge-sharing networks, to learn from several state-specific implementation experiences and initiate a broader discussion on the potential for private sector participation in the sanitation value chain. The points of discussion include emerging structures of public private partnerships across the country in FSSM (Faecal Sludge and Septage Management) with possible service models for collection, conveyance and treatment alongside risks associated with them. The measures that can be taken from experiences in other urban infrastructure sectors have also been discussed.