Policy Briefs & Reports

Standard Operating Procedures for New Liveable Habitat

Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI)

Centre for Policy Research

September 27, 2022

In continuation to the Government of Odisha’s landmark initiative of the Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission (OLHM), also known as the JAGA Mission, launched in 2018, along with the ongoing slum upgradation and delisting of tenable slums; relocation of slums on “objectionable” category of untenable land emerge as the next critical step towards accommodating most vulnerable in the cities.
Towards this end, the Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI) initiative at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) as a knowledge partner supported the Housing and Urban Development Department, Government of Odisha to prepare ‘Standard Operating Procedures for New Liveable Habitat’. Guided by the Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act, 2017 and the Rules made thereunder, this document outlines the procedure for relocating the households from the slums on such “objectionable” category of untenable land to a new liveable habitat. This SOP is used to further embed participation of the slum residents in urban planning, development and decentralisation of decision-making processes to achieve its vision of inclusive, egalitarian and liveable new urban habitats.