Policy Labs Webinar on ‘Private Sector Investment in Rental Housing: Challenges & Opportunities’

Date and Time

November 25, 2020

4:00 pm to 6:30 pm


Online via Zoom

On behalf of Cities Alliance, GIZ India, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), Habitat for Humanity, Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI) initiative at the Centre for Policy Research is pleased to invite you to the third Policy Lab on: ‘Private Sector Investment in Rental Housing: Challenges & Opportunities’

Speakers: Niranjan Hiranandani, Paul Jackson, Claude Taffin, Anindita Mukherjee, Balaji Rao, Satyanarayana Vegella, S J Vijay, Jasmeet Chhabra, Rajesh Krishnan and Uday Lakkar

Moderators: Rajan Samuel, Lara S. Chandra and Mridul Upreti

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The newly launched scheme for Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHCs), under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), is driven by two distinct models of unlocking affordable rental housing for the urban poor, which are also premised on a fundamental role of the private sector. However, in the current scenario there exist numerous factors which have stifled private participation in the domain of affordable rental housing, such as a limited supply of affordable land, dearth of transparency in agreements, unavailability of adequate institutional finance, among others. Additionally, the deepening of the housing finance sector through the establishment of the HUDCO, HDFC, and the NHB has predominantly benefitted the construction companies and middle-and higher-income segments, while the urban poor have largely remained neglected.

This is the third Lab in the series of the four-part Rental Housing Policy Labs and is curated by Habitat for Humanity India and International Finance Corporation. The first Lab of the Series on housing policy and regulatory frameworks was organised to discuss the viability of policy and legislative arrangements in stimulating a functioning rental housing market for the urban poor in India. The second lab discussed the viability of the ARHC-PMAY with specific reference to public sector delivery of greenfield housing and reuse of vacant government-funded housing complexes.

This Policy Lab shall discuss the viability of private sector investment in developing greenfield rental housing as well as reusing the vacant government-funded housing. The Lab will draw lessons from national and international experiences that have addressed key issues in enabling private sector investment and innovations in rental housing. The presentations will be followed by an open debate among industry experts, focussing on Indian markets, delivery models, and partnerships that have the potential to work in this context.


Time Thematic Areas Speaker
16:00 –16:05 Welcome Remarks
Introduction & Setting the Context
Rebecca Ochong, Senior Manager, Habitat for Humanity International Asia Pacific Office
16:05 – 16:15
  • International and national experience in public-provision of affordable rental housing stock through green-field investments

Chair: Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India

16:15 –16:30 Private sector led affordable rental housing delivery in South Africa: Case study of Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF Limited) Paul Jackson, CEO, TUHF Limited
16:30 – 16:45 How to develop formal urban rental market in India: Learnings from Tamil Nadu, India Claude Taffin, Housing Economist, France, and Anindita Mukherjee, Senior Researcher, Centre for Policy Research
16:45 – 17:00 Questions and Answers
17:00 –17:15 Key Note Address:

Niranjan Hiranandani, Founder & Chairman Hiranandani Group and Chairman NAREDCO

17:15 – 17:25
  • Panel Discussion: What needs to be done to encourage Private sector investment in Rental Housing

Moderated by: Lara S. Chandra, Director – Strategy & Coalitions, Habitat for Humanity India, and Mridul Upreti, Sector Lead for Tourism, Retail & Property for Asia Pacific, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

17:25 –18:15 Panel Discussion and Questions and Answers:

  • Balaji Rao, Managing Partner, Real Estate, Axis AMC Ltd.
  • Satyanarayana Vegella, Founder & CEO, Aarusha Homes Pvt. Ltd.
  • S J Vijay, Founder & Director, Salmon Leap Ventures & hoMMission India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Jasmeet Chhabra, Managing Partner, Cerestra Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rajesh Krishnan, Managing Director & CEO, Brick Eagle Group
  • Uday Lakkar, Founder & CEO, CoHo Coliving
18:15 – 18:25 Questions and Answers
18:25 –18:30 Closing Remarks Anaclaudia Rossbach, Regional Manager LAC, Cities Alliance

About the Rental Housing Policy Labs

This is the third in a series of the Rental Housing Policy Labs, jointly organised by Cities Alliance, GIZ India, the World Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI) initiative at CPRThe Policy Labs seek to provide a platform for discussing the experiences of the governments, researchers, academicians and practitioners on inclusive and affordable urban housing strategies.

Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI)

The Land, Planning, and Housing (LPH) initiative under the SCI-FI programme aims to deepen the understanding of the interrelated governance and sector specific challenges in the land, housing and, planning in urban areas in India. The SCI-FI: LPH initiative envisages to inform multiple stakeholders, including the three tiers of the government, on demand-driven, sustainable, alternative, and scalable models for delivering and operationalising housing, basic services, and property rights for the urban poor. The SCI-FI programme is nested at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) since 2013.