Rebuilding The Social: The Environmental Movement and Civil Society Development in Contemporary China

Date and Time

July 11, 2011

6:00 am to 8:00 am


Talk by Lo Sze Ping, ICI Fellow and Campaign and Communications Director, Greenpeace China.Brief Bio: Lo Sze Ping is the Secretary General of the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology [referred to as Alashan in Chinese], which is a leading Chinese NGO for environment protection. He has been an influential figure over the past decade in the environmental movement in China, leading the establishment of Greenpeace China as campaign director and sitting on the boards of directors of Friends of Nature and the All China Federation of Environmental Protection. Through the ICI Fellowship, he is interested in exploring non-Western critical environmental perspectives, post-colonial discourses on development and environment, civil society and social movements in China, and green economic transformations.