The Undisciplined City is an open workshop that is an attempt to speak to the urban experiences through multiple disciplinary perspectives or without one, if it is indeed possible. More prosaically, it is to discover common spheres of inquiry that may exist across disciplines on specific urban themes and acquaint each discipline with other discipline’s approaches. To this end, it is organized across four broad thematic sessions focused on the Indian urban experience, viz. (a) Urban Politics, (b) Urban Society (c) Urban Economy and d) Urban Interventions. A programme is attached.Public Lecture by Prof. Qin Hui, Tsinghua University Urban Citizenship in China and IndiaProf. Qin Hui is at the Department of History at Tsinghua University in Beijing. His critically acclaimed research work and his spirit of activism have ensured international recognition for him.Last year, his series of articles in the Southern Metropolitan Daily, which included Urbanisation and the rights of migrants: Changing community conditions of the lower class in modern worlds, South Africa’s Soweto phenomenon: The past and the present and Residential rights before welfare improvements have provided a growing public debate in China on the rights of migrants.