Unpacking the Uttar Pradesh Verdict

Date and Time

March 14, 2022

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Online via Zoom

Rahul Verma

Fellow, CPR

Neelanjan Sircar

Senior Fellow, CPR

Gilles Verniers

Senior Visiting Fellow, CPR and Co-Director, TCPD, Ashoka University

Moderator Yamini Aiyar

President and Chief Executive, CPR

The Politics Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and the Trivedi Centre for Political Data (TCPD), Ashoka University invite you to a discussion on:

Unpacking the Uttar Pradesh Verdict

Rahul Verma, Fellow, CPR
Neelanjan Sircar, Senior Fellow, CPR
Gilles Verniers, Senior Visiting Fellow, CPR and Co-Director, TCPD, Ashoka University

Moderator: Yamini Aiyar, President and Chief Executive, CPR

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About the Discussion:
The BJP has successfully retained power in the politically significant state of Uttar Pradesh. What explains BJP’s performance? Why did the opposition fail to put up a formidable challenge? Does this historic return of the incumbent signal what is in store in 2024, when Lok Sabha elections are to be held? Scholars at the Politics Initiative at CPR will present a data-driven analysis of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election results.

About the Series:
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