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We just gotta do meta! Notes on disciplinary anxieties in Geography in India

Shamindra Nath Roy
Anant Maringanti

Royal Geographical Society

February 21, 2023

A hundred years since its inception in college curriculum in India, geography as a discipline appears to be marked by a lack of self confidence. The persistently unenthusiastic response of Indian departments of geography to the present global health crisis over the past year suggests that this is not a momentary loss of heart. We suggest that this is rather the result of the discipline’s intertwining with post independence development policy in addition to the failure to integrate the sub disciplines of geography well with each other. As a way forward, we argue that the greatest promise in fact lies not in the universities but in networks across departments and independent research centres where geography can truly claim its place in the sun as a discipline that offers the relational approach that few other disciplines offer.

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