CPR Dialogues 2020- Emerging Trends in Indian Politics

13 March 2020
CPR Dialogues 2020- Emerging Trends in Indian Politics

Watch the full video (above) of the panel discussion on ‘Emerging Trends in Indian Politics’ featuring Vandita Mishra (National Opinion Editor, Indian Express); Mukulika Banerjee (Director, South Asia Centre, LSE); Mukund Padmanabhan (Consultant & Former Editor, The Hindu); Gilles Verniers (Senior Visiting Fellow, CPR & Co-Director, TCPD, Ashoka University); presentation by Rahul Verma (Fellow, CPR) and moderated by Neelanjan Sircar (Senior Visiting Fellow, CPR & Assistant Professor, Ashoka Univeristy).

The rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the centre stage of Indian politics is marked by multiple shifts. India is undergoing a massive demographic transition as more members of the electorate are part of the middle class, living in urban areas, more educated, and more exposed to media sources. Furthermore, the BJP’s social base over the past two decades has undergone a transformation. The magnitude of the BJP’s victory in 2019 also restructured the competitive political space. While on the one hand, the BJP seems to be on the back foot in state elections, on the other, the party's ideological hegemony seems to be at its peak. Rahul Verma from the CPR politics team made a brief presentation on the issue, analysing the emerging contours of Indian politics, followed by reflections and insights from the panellists.

The panel was organised as part of the second edition of CPR Dialogues, held on 2nd and 3rd March 2020 at the India Habitat Centre. Addressing the theme of Policy Perspectives for 21st-century India, CPR Dialogues 2020 provided a window to the India of the future. Experts from around the country and the world engaged with and debated these very significant development and policy challenges that India faces in the coming decade.

ThePrint India was the digital partner for the event.

An article on the changing political landscape in India, written by Rahul Verma, Neelanjan Sircar and Gilles Verniers in ThePrint can be read here

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