Evy Mehzabeen


Evy Mehzabeen is a Senior Research Associate at the Transboundary Rivers Ecologies and Development Studies (TREADS) Initiative of CPR. Her current work delves into water sensitive urban planning and policy.

She holds a PhD, M.Phil. and Masters in Regional Development from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She was previously with TESF India, IIHS in the capacity of a project co-investigator where she completed a project on sustainable urbanism. She has also been associated with various projects related to transboundary water and riverine communities. Her research interests include Urban Morphology, Colonial Urbanisms, Hinterlands and Frontiers, Contestations of the urban space and Riverine Ecologies.



TREADS: Transboundary Rivers, Ecologies & Development Studies

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