Michael Walton

SENIOR VISITING FELLOW | michael_walton@harvard.edu

Michael Walton, senior visiting fellow at CPR, has taught at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University since 2004. He was VKRV Rao Professor at the Institute for Social and Economic Change in Bangalore in 1998 and 1999, and visiting professor at the Delhi School of Economics in 1998. He previously worked for the World Bank, including on Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and Zimbabwe, as director of the 1995 World Development Report on Labour, Chief Economist for East Asia, and Director for Poverty Reduction. Recent publications include an edited volume on culture and public action, World Development Report 2006 on Equity and Development and an edited book on equity and growth in Mexico.

His current research is mainly on India and includes work on rural education, inequality, the political economy of cities, citizenship in slums, corporate behaviour, and business-state relations. He has a BA in Philosophy and Economics and an MPhil in economics from Oxford University.