Pankaj Kumar Gope


Pankaj Kumar Gope was a Research Associate (Urban Planner) at the Centre for Policy Research working in the programme, Scaling City Insitutions for India (SCI-FI) in Odisha. He is involved in the slum upgradation and delisting component of the JAGA Mission in Odisha and has been activity engaged with community discussion, participatory level meetings at ULB level, progress tracking and management of information related to slums. He is also engaged with the analysis of slums on forest land and slum-proofing of cities in Odisha.

Pankaj holds an MBA in marketing from Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar and has graduated in political science from North Odisha University, Baripada, Odisha



Scaling City Institutions for India Initiative (SCI-FI)

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