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Bring Back the Curbs on Political Incorrectness

Routledge 2023

The book opens with an essay by Stephen Hartman, editor and ringleader of this volume, who partnered with over forty authors from six continents in multidisciplinary and multigenerational teams. Each of the six projects that follow explores a stylistic and thematic manner of reading and responding-to a psychoanalytic text challenging the field to write outside the standardized edition.

Hartman gave each team a Dimen text as muse and a format to write in. Beyond that, experimentation was the mission and Dimen’s pleasure in crafting the page granted permission to play. Responding to six original texts (republished here) with notes, short fiction, dialogue, blog entries, commentary rethought via performance, and group authorship, we travel forty years with Dimen: from, Politically Correct / Politically Incorrect—Redux and Revise; On Money, Love, and Hate; Talking about Sexuality and Suffering or the Eew! Factor: What’s a Nice Vanilla Analyst to Do?; Wild Times / Wild Analysis / Wild Revolution; Rotten Apples – Talking about It/Them/Us; arriving at, Of Ghosts and Groups.

Among Us and in the mixing of us, as an homage to Dimen’s quest to engage the personal and the political in the author’s craft, and in collaboration with Dimen’s endeavour to foster revolution across the psychosocial landscape that renders psychoanalysis its field, the authors undergo a wild analysis of reading and writing.

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