Policy Briefs & Reports

Mainstreaming climate action in Indian cities: Case study of Rajkot

Ankit Bhardwaj, Radhika Khosla

Centre for Policy Research

September 1, 2017

Indian cities are crucial to the response to climate change. As the bulk of their infrastructure is yet to be built, their current decisions can lock-in, or lock-out, inclusive and climate resilient forms. We examine the case study of Rajkot to highlight how cities can use existing governance arrangements to promote climate efforts, and the ways in which their efforts can be scaled: 1) use locally specific urban objectives as an entry point for climate action; 2) focus on implementing state and national level schemes which include climate components; and 3) creatively adapt urban development directives to accommodate climate actions. We propose a multiple objectives framework which Indian cities can use to structure their climate actions.

Suggested citation: Ankit Bhardwaj and Radhika Khosla (2017) Mainstreaming Climate Actions in Indian Cities: Case Study of Rajkot. Policy Brief. Center for Policy Research, New Delhi. Available at: https://cprindia.org/research/reports/mainstreaming-climate-action-indian…