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Towards furthering action research for sanitation workers’ safety: Discussions from the Workshop

Pooja Gupta, Tripti Singh

Centre for Policy Research

February 25, 2019

The Centre for Policy Research organized a workshop titled “Towards Furthering Action Research for Sanitation Workers’ Safety” on December 4, 2018. The objective of the workshop was to build knowledge-sharing networks, learn from experiences of various states and initiate a broader discussion on alternative livelihood option available to sanitation workers. The workshop deliberated broadly on two themes. Firstly, it discussed insights from the field to build an understanding of social, legal, technical and financial issues and challenges sanitation workers face. Secondly, it deliberated on the challenges of bringing sanitary workers into alternative livelihood options. This was followed by a discussion on developing an action research agenda for future in the Indian context and exploring possible solutions to improve sanitation workers’ safety.