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Clearing the Air Seminar Series: Panel on ‘Municipal Solid Waste as a cause of Air Pollution’

December 22, 2017

Watch the full video (above) of the panel discussion between Dr D Prabhakaran and Dr Preet K Dhillon, moderated by Bhargav Krishna, on the health effects of air pollution, particularly looking at cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Drawing from global evidence as well as in low- and middle-income country settings like India, the panel discussed biological pathways and available evidence on the linkages between air pollution and these health conditions.

Dr D Prabhakaran is a cardiologist and epidemiologist by training. He is an internationally renowned researcher and is currently the Vice President- Research & Policy, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Executive Director of Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi, India and Professor (Epidemiology) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. His presentation on Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease in India can be accessed here.

Dr Preet K Dhillon is a trained Epidemiologist who has worked on cancer and other NCDs as a Senior Research Scientist and Associate Professor at PHFI’s Centre for Chronic Conditions & Injuries and Centre for Environmental Health where she is involved in scientific research, management, teaching, mentorship and capacity building. Her presentation on Air Pollution and Cancer can be accessed here.

Bhargav Krishna manages the Centre for Environmental Health at PHFI, a role which involves coordinating the Foundation’s work on environmental health, leading engagements with the government, corporate sector, multilateral and bilateral agencies. His presentation on Air Pollution and Health in India can be accessed here.

This is the second seminar in the Clearing the Air Seminar Series, organised by the Initiative on Climate, Energy and Environment (ICEE) at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR). This seminar was organised in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). The series aims to promote sustained and informed public understanding around the data, impacts, sources and policy challenges involved in clearing Delhi’s air. While it will focus on the context of Delhi, the series will also reflect on the fact that the problem extends far beyond Delhi. The seminar series will present the work of experts in a range of areas to help promote informed public discussion about what changes are needed, what is possible, and how to get it done. Clearing the air in terms of knowledge and public information, we hope, will make a small contribution toward actually clearing Delhi’s air.

The question and answer session that followed can be accessed here. The full video of the last seminar can be accessed here.