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CPR Dialogues 2020- At the Threshold of a New Decade: Navigating the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape

Shyam Saran

March 6, 2020


Watch the full video (above) of the panel discussion on ‘At the Threshold of a New Decade: Navigating the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape’ featuring James Steinberg (Professor, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs; Former United States Deputy Secretary of State); Frank N Pieke (Professor of Modern China Studies, Leiden University) and moderated by Shyam Saran (Senior Fellow, CPR; Former Foreign Secretary, India).

What is likely to be the ‘new normal’ in international relations during the coming decade? Has the post Second World War order been finally laid to rest? If so, are the contours of a new geopolitical landscape beginning to emerge? Will some remnants of the old order continue to remain relevant? How are the major players positioning themselves in this ever-changing landscape? As global challenges such as climate change, cyber security, and security of space-based assets warrant a collaborative approach, will the new decade witness a new phase of accommodation and even cooperation? Are we inching towards a contemporary version of a bi-polar world or is the trend towards multi-polarity inescapable? These are some of the key questions that confront nations, big and small, as they prepare to navigate the coming decade. The session featured distinguished speakers with in-depth knowledge on India, the United States, the European Union, and China, who each offered a perspective on these critical issues from the vantage point of these countries.

The panel was organised as part of the second edition of CPR Dialogues, held on 2nd and 3rd March 2020 at the India Habitat Centre. Addressing the theme of Policy Perspectives for 21st-century India, CPR Dialogues 2020 provided a window to the India of the future. Experts from around the country and the world engaged with and debated these very significant development and policy challenges that India faces in the coming decade.

ThePrint India was the digital partner for the event.

An article on the changing geopolitical landscape, written by Shyam Saran in ThePrint can be read here.

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