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CPR Faculty Analyse Brexit and its Impact

Britan’s exit from the European Union or Brexit analysed in a series of commentaries by CPR faculty below:

In India and the re-aligned movement, Shyam Saran contextualises how Brexit is another phase in the marginalisation of the European Union; analyses the impacts of globalisation and the geopolitical consequences of Brexit; and comments on how India should respond in a shifting global terrain.
In another interview on Rajya Sabha TV, Shyam Saran again talks about how Brexit needs to be understood in the context of the fragmentation of the global economy since the financial crisis of 2008 and the argument that globalisation has benefited the elite, including how India should respond.
Writing in The Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta analyses whether Brexit is reflective of only British affliction or ‘does it portend a more global anger against the governing structures of our time?’
In The Times of India, Rajiv Kumar writes how the Indian economy can deal with the consequences of both Rexit (Raghuram Rajan’s exit) and Brexit.