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COVID-19 and the State of Exception: Urban Mobility under the Epidemic State

Gaurav Mittal

Economic & Political Weekly

January 31, 2022

As with many other aspects of city life, urban mobility has been one of the biggest victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. While on the one hand, the governments across the world have put many restrictions on the operation of vehicles in urban areas, and on the other, the pandemic has dramatically altered the public perceptions on the use of public transport (Finbom et al 2021; Gkiotsalitis and Cats 2021). Resear­chers in China have found a direct correlation between the public transport connections from Wuhan (the city where the first COVID-19 cases were detected) to other cities and the number of people infected with the virus (Zhang et al 2020). These findings led many governments to seal their borders, close ports and harbours, and stop public transport services.

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