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Livelihood Battles of Nano Enterpreneurs

December 2, 2016
4 May 2018
Local Conflicts and Illegalisms in the Production of a Space of Memory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Watch the full video (above) of the talk by Nicolas Bautès where he discusses the various social and legal strategies adopted by different actors in the context of urban restructuring in the Port zone of Rio de Janeiro, with focus on the particular case of landmarking Pedra do Sal, an Afro Brazilian historical and religious monument located in this zone.

Through the claims of inhabitants who have faced the consequences of historical injustice as well as the current urban reforms, Bautès discusses ways informal power games, social pressure and intimidations permeate the harbor district as it undergoes profound structural changes, and operate decision making processes, influence speculation and promote economic benefits through producing and marketing heritage.

Nicolas Bautès is Research Fellow at the Department of Social Sciences of the French Institute of Pondicherry, and works in the field of urban studies, social and political geography.

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