Gilles Verniers


Gilles Verniers is a Senior Visiting Fellow at CPR and Assistant Professor of Political Science and Co-Director, Trivedi Centre for Political Data, Ashoka University. He is the co-convenor of the CPR-TCPD Dialogues on Indian Politics. He is working on various projects concerning Indian elections and contemporary Indian politics.

Verniers’ research interests include the study of India’s political class, electoral analysis, the mechanisms of political representation and participation in India, state politics and democratisation in South Asia in general. He is particularly interested in studying the representation trajectory of marginalised groups and communities and the under-representation of women in politics and the transformation of partisan organisations in India.

Verniers received a BA in Economics, Social and Political Sciences from the University of St Louis, Brussels (2000), an MA in Political and Social Sciences with a specialisation in International Relations from the Catholic University of Louvain (2004). He is a graduate from the Hoover Chair in Social and Economical Ethics at UCL (Belgium). He received a PhD in Political Science from Sciences Po, Paris in 2016. He is an Associate Researcher at the Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi. He is the founder the Trivedi Centre for Political Data at Ashoka University.



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