Mahima Malik


Mahima was a Research Associate with the Centre for Policy Research. She worked with the Scaling City Institutions for India (Sci-Fi): Sanitation initiative. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Delhi and Master’s degree in Development Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi.

Her research interests pertain to understanding social relations that produce different kinds of spaces and settlements. After completing her graduation, she worked as a Research Assistant to Legislators with the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies and focussed on the processes involved in making public policies. While pursuing her Master’s degree, she interned with the Shiksha Ka Sawal Abhiyan for a month, which was a campaign centred on the public education system in the state of Rajasthan. She worked in Kotra block, Udaipur district, for a month where she learnt about the challenges that the Right to Education Act faces in remote villages. Her Master’s dissertation is an exploratory study to bring forth the vexed spatial dynamics of Yamuna Pushta – a term used loosely to refer to the ecologically-sensitive space around river Yamuna in Delhi. For the long run, she is interested in delving into formidable questions that relate to the production of sustainable institutions and policy processes in diverse contexts.

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