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Policy in Action- Public Engagement Platforms

February 16, 2024

The Centre for Policy Research turned fifty in November 2023. As we celebrate this special milestone, we present some snippets of our impact on the Indian policy sphere over the years in various areas of research.

This edition of Policy in Action is dedicated to showcasing the various public engagement platforms that we have built over the years, by ourselves as an institution, as well as in partnership with other organizations.

Policy research and public engagement go hand in hand, and there is a growing need for cross-disciplinary, global platforms where policy issues, cooperation and expertise can be in dialogue to provide more effective solutions to policy challenges.

CPR’s platforms have ranged from a cross-disciplinary forum like CPR Dialogues, which brings CPR faculty from various initiatives and disciplines together with world leaders on one platform; to more specific subject centric conversations, such as Accountability Initiative’s PULSE for Development, Initiative of Cities, Economy and Society’s CPR-CSH workshops, Politics Initiative’s How India Votes series and several other initiatives.

Here’s a snapshot of our key work on creating platforms of public engagement over the years:

CPR Dialogues

PULSE for Development

CPR-CSH Workshops

How India Votes

CPR-CWC Dialogue Forum (TREAD Talks)

India and the World

To know more about CPR’s engagement with public platforms you can visit our website at https://cprindia.org/

Stay tuned for our next pop-up edition of Policy in Action, coming soon!